Video scriptwriting

As well as print, web and digital copywriting, I also write scripts for short videos. These range from feel-good corporate overviews to technical videos explaining a product’s features and benefits.

About us | Cochlear

In collaboration with writers at Ward 6 digital agency, I provided copy for this heart-warming corporate video for Cochlear.

Treatment for women

Part of a broader campaign entitled A new beginning, this video introduces new products and technologies aimed at treating sleep apnea in women specifically. The intent was to help women feel like there was a solution out there designed with their needs in mind.


I wrote the script for this animation on an innovative fuel management system called Fuellox. It describes how the technology works in a way that the average person can understand, using two 'personas' to highlight the stark differences between life with and without Fuellox.

ResMed's AutoRamp comfort feature

I’ve had years of experience writing scripts for videos like this one, where the aim is to explain how certain algorithms work, but in a viewer-friendly tone that’s only technical where it needs to be.

Mirage FX mask animation (supers only)

This is an example of an animation designed to be viewed at a trade show launching the new product. The requirement was to omit any sound or voice over so that the animation could loop on TV screens around the arena, and could be viewed without having to be heard.